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I’m so happy to have these guys working on my car!! Went somewhere that told me I needed new tie rods and a bunch of other stuff! Come to find out all I needed was 4 new tires and a alignment!!!! Thanks again guys for saving me $$$ you rock! When I need more work done I will be coming back!!

Crystal Okel

Did you wake up this morning and realize that you had a flat? Were you driving down the road and suddenly have a blow out? South Valley Automotive & Customs can get you back out on the road. We know how important tire care is to you and your vehicle and we will go above and beyond to ensure you have a safe commute to work or play. We offer flat repairs and can have you ready in no time.

Over our 10+ years of business we have had the opportunity to make relationships with numerous wheel and tire distributors. Those relationships allow us to provide you with competitive prices on whatever tires you may want to put on your vehicle. Stock? Oversized? Specialty? Shiny? If you have a vision we will make it happen!

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Tire Maintenance

The main function of your tires is to support your vehicle’s load while maintaining traction in the face of any road conditions. Here in Oregon, that means months of providing traction in the face of rain and the occasional Cascade snow. Proper traction allows you to safely maneuver your vehicle through the elements. Well maintained tires will provide proper traction for longer.

First up is alignment. Improper alignment or bad suspension can lead to uneven wear on brand new tires, meaning your tires won’t last as long as they should. Alignments are an inexpensive way to achieve the amount of miles that your tires are supposed to be able to travel before needing replaced.

Another easy tire maintenance service is rotations. While we’re changing your oil, we can rotate your tires to give you longer tire life and more time before they need to be replaced. If you purchased your tires from South Valley, rotations are always complementary.

And finally, ask us about tire warranties. A stray nail or other road debris can prematurely end the life of a brand new tire. A tire warranty can help you prepare for the unexpected.

Steering & Suspension

Suspension is a protective cage underneath your vehicle designed to absorb the impact of obstacles in the road like potholes, speed bumps, and other uneven surfaces. If it feels as if you’re driving on square tires, it’s likely that your suspension is damaged. Other, less obvious signs of a damaged suspension include uneven tire wear, oil on your shocks, a shaky steering wheel, bottoming out on rough roads, or your car swaying when you turn.

A faulty suspension can make your ride very dangerous. Let us help you enjoy a smooth ride by taking care of your vehicle’s alignment and suspension issues. We’re here to help with:

  • Shocks and struts
  • Tie rods
  • Ball joints
  • Wheel bearings
  • Alignments

Of course, our favorite part of suspension is raising or lowering it! These types of upgrades are fun for our team and you. We love taking your vision and turning it into reality, because it puts a smile on everyone’s face. If you’re wanting to lift or lower, we’re here to help you with the whole project.


Like all drivers, you rely on your brakes to keep you safe on the road. So if your brakes are starting to fail or are showing signs of wear and tear, you need a reliable source for brake repair work in a hurry. And that’s exactly where we come in. At our shop in Junction City, we offer quick, dependable brake repair services designed to get you safely back out on the road as soon as possible.

At South Valley Automotive & Customs, we pride ourselves on quality, honesty, and integrity in all that we do. We understand that brake repair is a service you simply can’t skimp on, so we keep our rates reasonable while offering the professional repair work you deserve. Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction, whether you’re a first-time customer or a repeat client. And we’ll go the extra mile to service your vehicle in a thorough, comprehensive fashion.

If you have problems with your brakes and need a repair, don’t wait for things to get worse. Schedule service now.