Hot Rods

We love wrenching on vintage hot rods, working tirelessly to get the most performance out of your baby. Bring your ride by South Valley Automotive to start talking about how we can tune your ride just right.

Maybe your build is complete (but is it ever?) and you just need help maintaining it. Or maybe you need a repair and parts are no longer available. Or you’re ready to upgrade something on your hot rod but have no idea where to start or what exactly you’re looking for.

Black 1967 Chevelle in front of the South Valley Automotive shop

With our years of experience and love for the classics, we have the patience and knowledge to fine tune and upgrade your beloved hot rod. We take great pride in being able to diagnose, fine tune, alter, and upgrade your ride, ensuring that you’re proud and confident to drive your classic on the daily.

Function 4 Junction

Mike and Sarah are board members for Function 4 Junction. It doesn’t get much better giving back to our community while being involved with something we are so passionate about. Saturday evening of the annual Function 4 Junction event has also become our customer appreciation night. Swing by and show us your ride, or chat with us about ideas you may have. You’ll get to meet our employees and their families. See our next generation enjoying the sights of years ago, and check out our facility so you can see for yourself just how much we care about the environment where your baby gets worked on.